Join our group!

Interested in optimization and/or machine learning? Are you passionate, hardworking, and determined? We’re always seeking new members to join our team! Our research projects span the spectrum between optimization and machine learning, offering opportunities to advance the state-of-the-art.

Our work demands a robust theoretical foundation and analytical skills in mathematical optimization and/or machine learning. Strong programming skills are highly desirable, including proficiency in languages such as Python, Julia, C, C++; Machine Learning frameworks like PyTorch or TensorFlow; and optimization tools like SCIP, Gurobi, and CPLEX.

Furthermore, we are looking for student assistants to help with the maintenance and improvement of the continuous integration infrastructure of the SCIP solver, as well as programming and implementation tasks in SCIP.

If you’re interested in joining us as a visiting researcher (e.g., REU student, end-of-studies project, or similar), student research assistant, Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis candidate, doctoral student, or postdoc researcher, please send an email to and include the following information: