Liding Xu

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Room 3103 at ZIB

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since 2024
Researcher at ZIB

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  1. Bolusani, S., Besançon, M., Bestuzheva, K., Chmiela, A., Dionísio, J., Donkiewicz, T., van Doornmalen, J., Eifler, L., Ghannam, M., Gleixner, A., Graczyk, C., Halbig, K., Hedtke, I., Hoen, A., Hojny, C., van der Hulst, R., Kamp, D., Koch, T., Kofler, K., … Xu, L. (2024). The SCIP Optimization Suite 9.0 (ZIB Report No. 24-02-29). Zuse Institute Berlin. [URL] [arXiv] [code]
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🔬 Projects

Research Campus MODAL SynLab

SynLab researches mathematical generalization of application-specific advances achieved in the Gas-, Rail– and MedLab of the research campus MODAL. The focus is on exact methods for solving a broad class of discrete-continuous optimization problems. This requires advanced techniques for structure recognition, consideration of nonlinear restrictions from practice, and the efficient implementation of mathematical algorithms on modern computer architectures. The results are bundled in a professional software package and complemented by a range of high-performance methods for specific applications with a high degree of innovation.

Apr 2020 to Mar 2025

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Conference and workshop talks

Nov 2023
Cutting Planes for Signomial Programming
ZIB-Siemens Workshop, Berlin