Deborah Hendrych

researcher at ZIB since summer 2023
doctoral candidate at TUB

📬 Contact

office Room 3105 at ZIB
e-mail hendrych (at)
languages German and English

🎓 Academic Background

Apr 2019 B.Sc. in Mathematics at bht (Berliner Hochschule für Technik)
2023 M.Sc. in Mathematics at fu

🔬 Research

I am interested in Mixed-Integer Non-Linear Optimization and first-order methods for solving non-linear, convex optimization problems. Currently, I am working on a Branch-and-Bound framework using Frank-Wolfe to solve the node problems.


  1. Hendrych, D., Troppens, H., Besançon, M., and Pokutta, S. (2022). Convex Integer Optimization with Frank-Wolfe Methods. [arXiv] [slides] [code]
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