Aldo Kiem

researcher at ZIB since October 2022
doctoral candidate at TUB

📬 Contact

office Room 1351 at ZIB
e-mail kiem (at)
languages German and English

🎓 Academic Background

Oct 2022 M.Sc. in Mathematics at FUB
2019 B.Sc. in Mathematics at TUB

🔬 Research

I am interested in applications of computers in mathematics. Currently, I am working on Razborov's Flag Algebras in extremal combinatorics.


  1. Kiem, A., Pokutta, S., and Spiegel, C. (2023). The 4-color Ramsey Multiplicity of Triangles. [arXiv] [code]
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💬 Talks and posters

Conference and workshop talks

Research seminar talks

Feb 2024
MATH+ Spotlight Seminar, Berlin
Nov 2022
Research Seminar Combinatorics, Berlin

👨‍🏫 Teaching

summer 2014
Tutor for Discrete Mathematics I at FUB