Zarin Shakibaei

researcher at ZIB
doctoral candidate at TUB

📬 Contact

office Room 1357 at ZIB
e-mail shakibaei (at)
zarin.shakibaei (at)
languages German and English

🎓 Academic Background

Jul 2016 M.Sc. in Bioinformatics at FUB

🔬 Research


  1. Gelß, P., Klus, S., Shakibaei, Z., and Pokutta, S. (2022). Low-rank Tensor Decompositions of Quantum Circuits. [arXiv]
      archiveprefix = {arXiv},
      eprint = {2205.09882},
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      author = {Gelß, Patrick and Klus, Stefan and Shakibaei, Zarin and Pokutta, Sebastian},
      title = {Low-rank Tensor Decompositions of Quantum Circuits}